Scott Mills

Scott Mills

Dixie said I needed to fill out my bio… she’s awfully bossy…

Hmmmmmm…. I’m a gemini… thinning hair.. ok, fine I’m bald… dad, pawpaw and Dixie’s boss so I’m not sure why I let her tell me what to do… one of these days I’m really gonna have to put my foot down with her…

Watching Arkansas & LSU play with Rich Dupree and Lolly Dude..

I’m the oddball of the group… a Razorback living in the middle of Tiger country.. but, I love the people (and the food!) here so I think I’ll stay awhile.

I’m originally from a tiny town in Southwest Arkansas where I grew up slopping hogs, walking chicken houses and riding back roads. I caught the radio bug at a very young age when my mother went to work for my hometown radio station and I’ve been doing it ever since.. 28 years of radio has taken me all over this great country, I’ve met a lot of great folks and the memories of my journey (and my kids and grand kids!) line my office walls.

I feel privileged to be a part of the Lagniappe Broadcasting team and this community.

In addition to handling afternoons on LA, I’m also Operations Manager for the company and I get to play around on Friday nights in the fall helping Rich, Lolly and Lamar host LA Friday Night Lights!

I’m sure my mother and aunt are the only ones reading at this point, but thanks to all of our great listeners and we LOVE the calls and messages letting us know you’re out there so keep em’ coming!

Email me directly at if you ever have a question or comment about any of our radio stations! Always glad to be of assistance. (If it’s a complaint, message Dixie.. she handles those better than I do).. 🙂