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Hello my lovely listeners, it's your girl, Dixie!

Of course y'all know me as the host of Louisiana Saturday Night right here on LA 103.5, but you can also catch me EVERY DAY on our sister station, 105.5 KBUCK! It's our station devoted entirely to that good ol' classic country you know and love; so, if you need a little saturday night music on a tuesday morning, we got ya covered..just tune in to 105.5 KBUCK! : ) 

I LOVE my job because I get to share all my favorite songs with all my friends! I kind of have a problem picking a "favorite" song, if y'all didn't already notice! ; ) They're just all so good to me! I'm very proud to play y'all's requests every Louisiana Saturday Night, 'cuz making people happy is what I'm all about! I hope my love for classic country will rub off on some of the younger generations and give them a better appreciation for country music the way it use to be! Thanks to everyone who brings me to their camp or blares me at their bonfire!

If you have any questions, comments, of compliments for me you can reach me via email at

And if you have Facebook, add me as a friend. Click here.

♥ y'all
~Dixie Lee

A Few Fun Facts About Dixie:

  • If you couldn't tell by my name, I'm straight Southern and VERY proud of that!
  • My fav colors are CAMO & CHROME (but not necessarily together lol)
  • I've been told I giggle too much
  • I love the simple things in life
  • My favorite state, besides Louisiana, is Tennessee
  • I love camo & cowboy boots
  • You can usually find me in Justin's & jeans : )
  • My fav jewel would have to be pearls
  • I love animals! I have 2 dogs--Bella & Texas...and 2 hedgehogs--Sega & Boss Hogg
  • If I could choose ANY country star, still living, to meet it would be KING GEORGE himself, Mr. George Strait!
  • Swamp Pop and Bluegrass make me smile!
  • I collect John Deere items, anything to do with country music (especially classic country), being Southern, or the Civil War

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