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The Pet Pages

Here at Opus Broadcasting, we treat our pets like family!
We know how heartbreaking it can be when one of your fur-babies wanders away from home. We wanted to find a way to help wayward pets get reunited with their owners, and so, The Pet Pages were born!

If you, or someone you know, has lost or found a pet, we will help you find it a home. All you have to do is send an email to and we will create a listing for the animal which will be featured it on all of our Opus Broadcasting websites.

Please include a description of the animal, where it was found/lost, a contact name and number, and a photo [if possible]. Just get us the information and we'll take it from there!

The Pet Pages also feature local pets that are up for adoption. These pets come from area animal shelters or humane groups and are looking for a happy home.
Posts from September 2012

B.A.R.K. Boudreaux's Animal Rescue Krewe

B.A.R.K. Needs Your Help To Save Animals!

Boudreaux’s Animal Rescue Krewe (B.A.R.K.) is a non-profit dog welfare organization determined and inspired to rescue homeless and/or unwanted dogs that are due to be euthanized merely because there are too many dogs in shelters. You can help save animals through adoption, donations, or volunteer work with the organization. 


You can find out more about B.A.R.K. by visiting them online at
You can contact or send donations to B.A.R.K.  
P.O. Box 404
Tioga, La 71477-0404
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